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From Project Centric to Product Led Organizations – A Quantum Leap Towards Accelerating Value Delivery

October 10, 2023 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm KSA Time

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No matter how established a digital business is, unless it fully embraces agile, it will forever be running to stand still in today’s paced, ever-changing digital landscape, falling further behind competitors whilst at the same time impeding its ambitions to grow and scale. Instead, it needs to completely revamp not only its digital model but also both its business model and organizational design. To achieve this, radical change is required

That change requires a quantum leap in perspective, practice, and implementation. Above all, It requires full and committed buy-in at the executive leadership level along with the courage to transform from being a project centric to a product-led organization.

Product organizations are value-led, outcome-driven, and evolutionary in style. They respond to change and gain an understanding of its customer problems. Continual discovery leads them to ask “Why would they buy it?” and “What new features will persuade them to buy it again?”

Projects focus primarily on deadlines and targets driven by the needs of departmental silos in justifying their existence and budget responsibility. This is the very opposite of accelerated value delivery. For any business wishing to expand and scale internationally knowing how to approach, attract and convert the marketplace into customers relies on it adopting a ‘Product First’ mentality, and secondly utilizing the universal principles in each territory before it can become a truly global force that makes an impact.

The following presentation outlines why Agile is not simply a delegated tick box exercise, but a fully implemented process that follows a clearly defined strategy.

I describe the 5 pillars of my ADAPT MethodologyTM framework that forms a project-to-product transformational roadmap that sets out the prerequisites to deliver that change based on the buy-in from the executive team that commits to organizational transformation that leads to accelerated value delivery, growth, and sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

Our project to product webinar supports you by providing you with an entire roadmap to adapt project-oriented companies toward product-centric companies.
Our project to product webinar is based on our proven ADAPT Methodology®.

At the end of the Project to Product Webinar, you will be able to get some really good ideas to solve the following problems:

– What is the difference between a project-oriented company vs a product-centric company.
– How to articulate the strategy with a Lean Product Roadmap and OKRs.
– How to design a company that is designed and optimized for developing products.
– A blueprint that enables the possibility to validate new product ideas in a very fast way.
– How to design a company where product Innovation is part of the company DNA.
– How to enable flawless cooperation between technical and business areas.
– A blueprint that allows ideation and product discovery process.
– A blueprint that provides a very accurate way to predict product delivery.
– How to create a company that’s better able to change business priorities.
– How to build a company with the ability to increase the speed of delivery.
– How to make more money more quickly by not adopting typical waterfall tools.
– How to improve your business and software development quality.
– How to effectively integrate product discovery and product delivery.
– How to build an organization that keeps everyone aligned to the big purpose.
– How to move from a traditional project organization to a product organization.
– How to simplify the entire software release lifecycle.
– How to define a data strategy for your company’s digital product.
– How to define an entire content strategy to increase your digital product brand.
– How to design a company that is designed and optimized for developing products.

About the speaker:
Meet Luis Gonçalves
Luis Gonçalves is a renowned author, entrepreneur and management consultant, known for his expertise in organizational development and leadership.
He is the author of the bestselling books Organizational Mastery, ADAPT and Product First which have helped countless organizations improve their digital product delivery capabilities and achieve their goals.
With over 20 years of experience in the field, Luis is considered an authority on organizational design and agility.
He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.
He is passionate about helping leaders of digital product organizations reach their full potential and has a proven track record of success.

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