Knowledge and Research

PMI KSA chapter is very keen to provide its members with all the required knowledge and networking opportunities to help boost their skills and benefit their selves, organizations, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Project Management Research

PM research is a domain that unfolds creativity and innovation in project management to achieve underlying objectives.


  • Improve project management practices in both public and private sectors, which will have a positive impact on projects that relate to Vision 2030.
  • Continuous improvements on project management methodology that helps adjust the practices based on the current and future markets’ needs in the KSA.
  • Addressing the importance of PMI certificate programs with an emphasis on how the certifications can help youth or professionals achieve career growth.
  • Encourage youth towards more involvement in bridging their career guidance gap through our professional webinars and short training programs.
  • Importance on integration of project management as a universal set of practices, which can be embedded into any industry.
  • Career guidance webinars (supporting students and working professionals in understanding which certificate to pursue – ex: PMP, CAPM).
  • Role of project management in innovation and creativity and achieving economic excellence in any culture through PM.
  • Enhancing the concept of research management in projects and the importance of its presence in all organizations of Saudi Arabia.
  • Periodic evaluation of the developments of the investment renaissance and keeping up with the Vision 2030.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is the chapters’ frontier in implementing the principle of the 3 C’s (Connect, Collaborate, and Communicate) throughout. The Knowledge Hub is a web-based platform that helps PMI-KSA members capture experiential knowledge from key projects, operations, events, valuable content, knowledge resources, and digital content and reuse them for learning and training purposes.

All professionals and students who are interested in Project Management will be engaged through sharing their insights, lessons learned, ideas, and responsiveness to common issues.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Hub will keep everyone evolved by posting questionnaires, presentations, technical papers etc. Some of the silent features of knowledge hub would be to:

  • Keep up to date with the latest tools & technologies and the current trends of the market
  • Enhance skills and expertise by skill sharing
  • Networking and collaborating with peers

Project Management Excellence Award

The PM Project Excellence Awards recognizes the large and complex projects that best deliver superior performance of project management practices, excellent organizational results, and an immense positive impact.


The Research Achievement Award recognizes and honors an individual or a group of individuals whose work has significantly advanced the concepts, knowledge, and practices of project management.

The Professional Award honors organizations and individuals whose passion, talent, and expertise make the greatest contributions to the project management profession.

The award ceremony for each of these categories are held on a yearly basis.