Ahmed Al Mulhim Executive Directors Eastern / Northern Regions

Professional Experience

Heads the Quality Monitoring Unit of Inspection Department where we:

  • Monitor contractors’ quality programs during design and procurement phases of Saudi Aramco projects, and verify
    compliance with the requirements of the contract
  • Coordinate quality monitoring activities performed by Saudi Aramco Inspection Offices during manufacturing of
    inspectable materials procured by contractors for Saudi Aramco projects
  • Capture and share lessons learned and best practices identified during projects execution concerning quality of
    procured materials/equipment
  • Coordinate inspection activities with Aramco overseas offices in The Hague, Tokyo, Italy, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul
    and India
  • Report Inspection Agencies performance worldwide
  • B.S. – Mechanical Engineering 1994 – 1999 from KFUPM
  • Master of Engineering – Construction Engineering & Management 2003 – 2008 from KFUPM

Current Title & Company: Heading of Quality Monitoring Unit of Inspection Department- Saudi Aramco


Research Experiences:

  • Quality Management Roles of Owners during the Procurement Phase of Oil & Gas Projects in PMI Research and
    Education Conference 2008, Warsaw-Poland.
  • Factors Affecting the Materials Procurement Process for Construction Projects in PMI Research and Education
    Conference 2010, Washington D.C. – USA.
  •  Posted papers peer reviewer for PMI Research and Education Conferences 2010 in Washington D.C. – USA, 2012 in
    Limerick, Ireland and 2014 in Portland-Oregon, USA



Throughout the last 20 years, I have worked in Saudi Aramco on diversified tasks & completed several multi-function assignments in different departments within Saudi Aramco. I was involved in several mega projects like Hawiyah Gas Plant, Haradh Gas Plant, Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuel Project & Jazan Refinery & Terminal Projects. My assignments ranged between a Project Quality Engineer to a Project Quality Manager of Jazan R&T Projects from the early design to the construction closing stage.

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